Which Way To Timbuktu

I listen to people who've been here there and everywhere and am envious. When I hear stories of Japanese tea ceremonies, eating authentic sadza in Zimbabwe, getting stuck in an English roundabout, memorizing the best clubs in the German underground I just hate that I haven't been anywhere. I starting thinking about all the places I want to see before I'm too old to travel or care about what’s going on in this temporal world. So here's a list of places/things I want to see, and yes some of them are ridiculously unobtainable.

I want to go to Alaska to see the aurora borealis,
I want to go to Oregon to feel the Oregon vortex,
I want to go to Spain to experience La Tomatina,
I want to go to Sweden and stay in an ice hotel,
I want to go to Hawaii to view an active lava flow,
I want to go to Italy to float through the Blue Grotto,
I want to go to England and touch the rocks at Stonehenge,
I want to go to Mexico to tour the Naica Giant Crystal Caves,
I want to go to India and see the Taj Mahal,
I want to go to Venezuela to see the Catatumbo lightning,
I want to go to Canada to see the spotted lake,
I want to go to the Andes Mountains to walk amongst the penitentes,
I want to go to Arizona and sit beneath Cathedral Rock,
I want to go to Egypt and shop in an open air market,
I want to go to the Vatican and read from the secret archives,
I want to go to Zambia and see Victoria Falls from Knife edge bridge,
I want to go to California and feel a giant sequoia tree,
I want to go to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival,
I want to walk a sand dune,
I want to scream somewhere where it doesn’t matter,
I want to learn a fire dance,
I want to stomp grapes,
I want to see a Komodo dragon,
I want to learn circular breathing,
I want to see the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull,
I want hang glide,
I want to punch Shaq and run
I want…. A lot of things.
I’d better get started